Saturday, May 12, 2012

My recent whereabouts..

Its not that I'm GONE... its that I hang out MUCH more on our forum!

Sorry to say, its the future of the community!

Check it out! Sign up! Join the madness!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Ever wonder what a Breaker looks like?

As a holiday gift, several of the breakers from wanted to say "thank you" by making some videos to help everyone meet the breakers!

So far we have several breakers "unmasked" if you will. This way you will see us as human beings and not just box-breaking MACHINES!!

Meet the Breakers!

More videos will be added over time, too! Check out the forums also and come join the fun!


Monday, November 28, 2011

The Forums are up!!

In case you haven't seen yet, the forums have been opened to all!

I admit that I put some time into the install/set up of the forum, so please enjoy. We wanted to start a community effort because there was something missing from the whole box breaking world that exists online. Having something we can communicate on really helps.

We are humans. We are not out to make a fast buck... or really any. We are here because of the hobby and because we want to share it all with everyone. Having a centralized forum helps you talk to us, and us talk to you somewhere other than through a YouTube video!!

Most of the sellers have signed up already and there is a lot of chatter already from cards to video games!


Friday, November 18, 2011

I'm still here!

I know its been a while since I've broken anything, but just wanted to post up that I am still around! I've been pretty busy with actual-life stuff. Who knew I had one of those? I never did before...

I have some hockey boxes I want to list, but it may have to wait until after the U.S. Thanksgiving week due to family being in town. I've been ordering some stuff, so I'm still set to unleash some more mid-range and high-end products. I still have a tin of The Cup and a box of Dominion BURNING a hole in my self. I'm so tempted to just open them for myself!!!

Anyway, I've also been working on a forum for the site. We really want to build a community for our sellers and buyers to be able to meet each other and just get to know each other. Seems corny, but I am excited to get to know my bidders. I want to provide the products you want as well as if I hit a nice card, its cool to know its going to someone that actually wants to KEEP it!!

Thanks to everyone for sticking with the site. We are in a semi-transitional phase with the forum, but once that hits, its game on again!

Happy pre-holidays to everyone and I hope to see everyone again really soon!!


Sunday, November 6, 2011

2011 Topps Prime Break

The Topps Prime break video has been posted! Fun stuff to open. I like the thicker card stock they used for all cards. Nice to see that happening more and more. We got an extra autograph card (although a redemption). It was fun to open and thanks for everyone's bids!

The Video:

I hope to break some more football soon! Topps Chrome is  a hot item right now and I think that is where I am looking!

Dominion is going to be listed soon also, for you hockey faithful! I have one box of that left as well as one box of The Cup! I really want to open them soon, so be on the look for those!


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Artifacts Ending, Ultimate and Prime Listed

Teams still remain without a bid! There are some seriously low bids still out there too! Check it out and lets see what we get out of this box!

Artifacts is the hottest 11-12 product right now. UD released the list of Rookie Redemptions for the roman numeral cards recently. No randoming those!! (Only will have to random the wildcard redemptions)

I listed a quickie break of 2010-11 UD Ultimate + a Hitbox* for Thursday.
*A "Hitbox" is a box of cards that I will open and send out only the "Hits" or insert/non-base cards
I have 2 10-11 retail boxes of cards from which we will choose one at random.. Artifacts and UD Series 1. The UD Series 1 claims to have 6 Young Gun cards. Being a retail box, the Artifacts doesn't have specified hits, but is still a great product to find fun things in. I'm trying new stuff out, so let me know if the Hitbox is a keeper to do again!

I also listed  Topps Prime Football!
I'm pretty excited for my first Football break. 2011 has some great rookies that are really ripping it up right now. I'm trying some different bonuses including a bonus that will take place if the Cowboys lose on Sunday! I'm pretty indifferent on the Cowboys, but my cameraman is Redskins fan. Enough said about that! :)

A few posts back (not that anyone really reads this anyway :P ), I hinted at something great. A great bonus. Well, that got put on hold right now, but I'm still trying to match what it was. If I can still pull it off, I'll announce that it was the great bonus that never happened. 

One last note, we are working on setting up a user forum! We are starting to tweak the details and get things set up. We are planning to use this as a place for the sellers to post video links, break announcements, as well as just talk with you, the bidder! We want to start a community because that is what collecting is all about, the experience!

I plan on having a poll section as well. I want to gather feedback on what you want to see on the site. I also want to get feedback on how us as sellers are doing, what we could do better, and what you want to see on the site in the future. You are what allow us to have this site, so we want to list what you want!

More details will be listed as we get closer to a release date, so please watch for updates! Thanks so much for everyone that bids on the site. Again, you are the reason we do this!


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

11-12 Artifacts Rookie Redemption CL

Just released by UD for their Rookie Redemption cards! Just in time for my break!

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins
#d to 99
Gabriel Landeskog
#d to 99
Cody Hodgson
#d to 99
Sean Couturier
#d to 99
Brett Connolly
Tampa Bay
#d to 99
Mark Scheifele
#d to 99
Ryan Johansen
#d to 99
Adam Larsson
New Jersey
#d to 99
Mika Zibanejad
#d to 99
Jake Gardiner
#d to 99
Erik Gudbranson
#d to 99
Matt Read
#d to 99
Teemu Hartikainen
#d to 99
Joe Colborne
#d to 99
Matt Frattin
#d to 99
Craig Smith
#d to 99